Pastries & Pies – Çaliş Beach

Thıs cafe has been open for over 5 years now and is run by the lovely Liza and her husband Sabri. It serves traditional home cooked English food and. Liza makes all the cakes, pies and quiches herself as well as the chutneys and jams.

In addition to eating in you can take away too as well as buy jams and pickles to take home. They do airport picnics. Anyone who ever travels to Dalaman will tell you the food and drink is extortionate and a picnic to take with you is a really good idea. If you pre order Sabri or Liza will deliver it to your hotel in Çaliş too.

Recently they have taken over the premises next door where Sabri’s Mum is the cook. They are serving traditional Turkish food. Soups, lokanta dishes and home made Turkish pancakes (gözleme) at very Turkish prices. They have special meat balls (kofte) on the menu this week too. I am 100% recommending it.


The Meeting Point @ Çaliş Beach

What a wonderful meal.

I’ve always been a fan of this restaurant and have known the owner for as many years as he has been open and previously when he worked at a restaurant on the beach.

I accept that some restaurants start out very good and then go down hill but this is not one of those.

We have been for dinner tonight. We started with free bread and some garlic butter and a peppery salca. For out mains we ordered T-bone steaks
but were advised by Ahmet that the fillet steak was better and the same price.

We accepted his advice and ordered fillet steaks with a pepper sauce on the side. The pepper sauce when It came was lovely and not too creamy. The steaks were massive…probably about twice the size of a fillet steak in the UK and cooked to perfection. They were served with grilled tomatoes, a whole heap of fried mushrooms and onions along with chips, rice and salad.

I know you are wondering how much a meal like this could possibly cost and the answer is just 33 tl or a paltry £9.10 per person.

I am again 100% recommending this restaurant for 2014.


Big Wave Seafood at Lamai

Just have to give this one a mention . It’s not on trip advisor so can’t leave a review there.

This restaurant is located in Lamai not far from Mc Donald’s. Lamai is one of the towns that has a Walking street every night…known as the Night Plaza. In reality a couple of rows of stalls selling shirts, flip flops, souvenirs, phone cases and other things tourists might want to remind them of their trip. Definitely haggle it is well worth it and you can get some really good bargains.

If you stand with your back to Mc Donald’s the Night Plaza is to your left about 100 metres further up the road on the opposite side, There are two entrances and if you head for the furthest one The Big Waves is on your left not long after you go in.

To be honest it looks grubby…….the plastic chairs could do with a good clean….we headed for the wooden ones. Really attractive display of fresh fish outside all in ice to keep it fresh. Hubby opted for Barracuda and I had the White Snapper….both fried in onions and garlic with some garlic rice and a salad. A food mountain arrived and the fish was cooked to perfection. A mix of all nationalities eating here including local people, which I always think is a great recommendation.

Not the cheapest place we’ve had fish but definitely the tastiest served by lovely friendly people.

For the ladies…..the ladies facilities are basic but clean…nowhere near the worst I have experienced on the Island. But…….when you come out don’t be tempted to look in the concrete sinks where they wash up. It’ll offend your Western concept of what a sink should look like.

I would recommend it and I would eat there again……but don’t wear white trousers.

Massage parlours

I knew that would get your attention!

Yes it’s true there really are hundreds of massage parlours in Thailand and they are not expensive. some double up as brothels but mostly they are modern, very professional looking with experienced staff who just want to give you a massage.

So off we went to Chaweng. We had a lovely meal and then decided to explore the sights. Now my hubby much as I love him is not well travelled so was very excited about downtown Chaweng. His mates and told hi. Loads of stories before we came and he had done some serious time in google….mostly because he didn’t believe what he was told about lady boys. To say we waled slowly through Chaweng is an understatement…..his neck was at a permanent 90degree angle as he tried to see I to every bar and club. Bang……he walked straight into a very large moderately drunk bloke…..luckily the guy was not British and this isn’t downtown Swansea…….he didn’t get glassed and no knife was pulled…..they both apologised for been so clumsy and carried in walking.

Obviously lesson not learned and we continued our very slow walk with hubby trying to see all there is to see…….and believe me there’s a lot to see. Bang……another collision…this time with a ladyboy… least he has seen one close up and will even be able to tell his mates he actually touched one.

By 11.30pm I was exhausted……but happened to spot a sign in a massage parlour offering 30 minute foot massages for100 baht…that’s about £2 or 7tl…..very reasonable. I suggested it to himself…….wasn’t sure how he would respond…..but needn’t have worried his little eyes lit up our shoes were removed and we were inside. Yes like Turkey shoes stay outside.

We were greeted by an older thai lady who sat us at some big foot baths…our masseurs arrived and gently washed our feet in antiseptic soap and dried them. Who can blame them I wouldn’t want to be massaging hot, smelly feet from around the world for £4 an hour even washed I would probably want rubber gloves.

Much to hubby’s disappointment our masseurs weren’t 20 years old, skinny and beautiful…they were more mature…well padded ladies and certainly not stunningly beautiful. But their hands…… The hands of angels……I am not joking…….wow……wow. Thirty minutes I heaven…scented oils….our feet were stroked, rubbed, our individual toes and their tips massaged. Oils rubbed into our calves. It was blissful. We left feeling like we had been sitting down all day and ready to walk another few kilometres……….and guess where hubby wanted to go……yep another stroll around the bars. Typical man!

I can recommend Ds Spa in Chaweng….there are two of them….very modern…well equipped, lovely staff and reasonably priced. We will definitely be going back for a full body massage before we leave.

Roman Restaurant Mae Nam

I have to give this restaurant a mention.

It is owned by a man from Antalya and he also has a Turkish waiter helping him out.

A great place to eat if you are going to Mae Nam walking street on a Friday.

The food is a mix of Turkish, Mediterranean and Thai. The meat is halal and he buys his beef from a very popular French Butcher near Chaweng.

The prices are reasonable if not a bit cheaper than some other places. The food comes in big portions and is really delicious. If you ask nicely they staff will treat you to some traditional Turkish dancing.

We ate there a few times and never had a bad meal.

100% recommended.

One night in Chaweng………

I know the song is One Night in Rio but Chaweng does fit quite well to the music…….

I’d heard a lot about Chaweng…not all good but was looking forward to seeing it. We collected some Thai friends on the way out and headed to where the action is. Hubby in particular was keen to see some ladyboys. He still can’t quite get his head around the whole concept and can’t help but stare when he sees one.

We had googled earlier in the day to try and find a halal restaurant. None of them were very central, so friends suggested we try the Indian. We called ahead to check that all their meat was halal. So that’s how we ended up eating curry at Noori in Chaweng. A varied menu and all reasonably priced. Noori himself speaks excellent English and gives you the option as to how spicy you require your chosen dishes. Be warned…..the portions are huge…..we struggled to finish what we had. This been Thailand I have to mention the ladies toilets….. very basic but cleanish….take your own paper. There is antibacterial hand wash for after the visit.

Food eaten we headed off for a walk around town. The noise was amazing music coming from every direction……. glamorous girls of all nationalities trying to entice you I to the clubs and some very beautiful ladyboys. We ended up at Black Jacks bar…an English looking pub with a mix of music from the 70s and 80s. There are some wilder bars opposite and it is by a road used by many to get to the brighter noisier clubs…… A great place to people watch from.

I was introduced to a new drink…Spy….it’s a wine cooler and comes in red, rose or white. Very refreshing, very cheap and allow alcohol content so you can drink a few without getting horribly drunk and no hangover either.

We loved the atmosphere. We did take photos and I’ll add some later. We will definitely be going back for another visit.

A birthday in Thailand

No….not mine…but my little sister’s. Not even a special one…although in someways it is as it’s the first birthday I have spent with her in more than 30 years.

We got up and went to a special restaurant known as Poos for eggs Benedict…sadly Poo wasn’t expecting us and wasn’t open……change of plan and it was off to Fishermans Village in BoPhut for a cooked breakfast at an Australian bar called Billabong on the sea front. Very nice it was too…once we were all stuffed full of fried stuff all reasonably priced my Sister headed off to run some errands leaving me and hubby to have a meander around the shops……..what can I say? Very….very overpriced and obviously geared to parting the unsuspecting tourist from their hard earned cash. We had bought a shirt at walking street for 100 baht the identical shirt 450 baht in Fishermans Village.

We then met at a hand made shoe shop……too many to choose from and headed towards Choeng Mong beach. It was beautiful…white sands….dotted with small beach bars, hammocks and a great hotel which has rooms to rent shaped like boats.

After a couple of hours at home to make ourselves beautiful we headed off to Johns Place for dinner…….it was beautiful. Lovely location and atmosphere. The food was fantastic and hubby overjoyed when he discovered all their beef is halal. We had the excellent beef with chilli and onions and rice….spicy but very delicious and the others in outer group had steaks or thai dishes. We lived it and will definitely eat there again.

It was lovely to meet some of my sisters friends. We laughed loads, ate loads, and drank a lot of wine…..we finally got to bed at 2am…… A fantastic day had by all.

Koh Samui – Day 2.

After the very long journey we really enjoyed our lazy day around the house.

We decided to head into Mae Nam for the evening. Thursday night is “Walking Street” night in Mae Nam and my sister had also located a Turkish restaurant in the same area.

I have been thinking about hiring a scooter but in 2 days have seen 2 smashes and am really not so sure now. Anyway we drove through some pretty crazy traffic…… They drive on the same side as the UK here…so glad someone told me I would have driven on the right otherwise.

We managed to find so we here to park and set off to explore walking street. It wasn’t long before we started seeing things we wanted to buy. I got a great pair of trousers for about 1/3 of the price I have paid for similar in Turkey. Hubby got a great shirt again crazy cheap…..I got a hair slide…which was expensive in comparison but still cheap. We spent about 600 baht total…. 40 Turkish lira or about £13. What a haul!

At the end of Walking street we can to Mae Nam temple…it was just there in the street and was one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen


It was so ornate and beautifully decorated in bright colours and amazing designs of Chinese style dragons. The picture is not fantastic but you will get the idea.

Gitarici Restaurant & Music Bar

Well as promised I did say I would include recommendations for places to eat and things to do around Calis & Fethiye.

Gitarici was a lovely surprise this week.  Located in a small courtyard behind the main street in Calis – there is a pool in the middle complete with ducks.  The seating area is around the pool and is rustic.  No flashy leather seats here – it’s very traditionally furnished.  Wood tables, tapestry cushions and traditional Turkish cloths.

Run by a Turkish family it’s not been open long and they all seem to be involved in one way or another.

The menu is not extensive but has just enough choice to please everyone and is very cheap.  We had chicken shish kebabs at 10tl each – about £3.50 – 3 big sticks of chicken, salad, rice and a few chips – really t and good value for money.

They have live music every night – traditional Turkish every night except Tuesday when it’s still live but more middle of the road easy listening type music from around the world than just Turkish.

The atmosphere was lovely and we sat for ages after we ate – drinking tea and chatting – no pressure to leave and free up a table – all very relaxed.

I think this is going to become a firm favourite in the coming months and I’m more than happy to recommend it to others.