Who am I? I’m a slightly crazy lady living in Turkey. I’ve been living in Turkey for over 4 years and love it. My life in the UK was probably fairly normal…..job, car, house and then I decided life was too short not to follow my dreams. I sold what I could, packed my cat and headed for a new life in the sun.

I originally came to teach English-but as is often the case life doesn’t always go according to plan. The job was not what it had appeared to be, I met a really terrific man and before I could say supercalerfragerlisticexpealidotious I was married and a housewife.

The novelty of not working has long since worn off. I run a Stitch & Bitch group once a week, I write a lot-my first novel is nearly complete and I am looking for an Agent. I’m a Life Coach but most people here are already living their dream life so not much call for my skills apart from the odd Skype client, I do a bit of private English & Maths teaching and some freelance work for some of my old clients in the UK.

My work life balance is good….mostly life and very little work. I thought I’d share a bit of my life with you……a few recipes, some photos and tales of life as an expat. You’ll probably end up as a sounding board for my crazy money making ideas too.

Why pixieinchoos? All my usual user names were already in use…..I’m very tiny and I collect shoes. I’ve never owned a pair of Jimmy Choos but they are my dream shoe.

Enjoy my blog.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. You sound like you are a fun lady and i look forward to readong more on your blog. Thanks for following my blogs.

  2. How great that I have found your blog. I am smitten my your positive attitude:) I am also living in Turkey now. I have been here three months and have just decided that I will go all in and settle for a long time, learning the language etc.:) So what could be more relevant than to follow your blog:)

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