No….this blog has not been abandoned

Many of my regular readers have probably been wondering where I am.

It’s been a busy summer and exceptionally hot. My moaning and daily begging for rain usually starts somewhere in the middle of August but this year I think I started a month early.

The heat has been relentless and we haven’t had any rain since the 9th May. My balcony has reached a rather uncomfortable 48-53 degrees in the afternoons for weeks. But at last September is here. It’s like so some flicked a switch….the days are mid to high 30s and the nights around 25-29 degrees.

So I’m feeling cooler, more comfortable and less likely to spend the afternoons on the sofa wearing as little as possible complaining how much I hate the heat. I’m sorry holidaymakers….I know you love it but it’s not much fun day after day when you have to live in it. Please be kind to your waiters, bar staff and other hotel staff who work very long hours and do an amazing job.

My phone you may remember the Samsung saga, has had a months holiday in the UK? It has been repaired but they felt compelled to restore the factory settings so all my photos and the numbers stored on it have gone. At least it was repaired before the demise of Phones4U I’d have been really stuck without them.

Not long now and all the tourists will have left and life in Çaliş will start getting back to normal. Friends that I’ve not seen since the end of April will be free for lunch and no longer working 80 hours a week. The weather will be nicer and it’ll be cool enough to travel a bit and visit some other towns and tourist attractions without the tourists.

I’ve added a couple of photos of sunsets this week just so you can see how beautiful it is.

I’ve found some lovely new recipes to share with you and I have a few blogs in draft for ready to finish off and publish. We watched a program on Wednesday night about Koh Samui which brought back lovely memories of our trip at the beginning of the year. I still have some photos and recommendations I want to share about the island too.

Keep reading. I love reading your comments.



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