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Samsung……thanks for nothing!

Where do I start? Having spent 2 very frustrating afternoons dealing with Samsung call centres I am fed up, wound up and giving up.

I’m a Samsung phone lover. There I said it out loud…….I am I can’t help it I just love them. In the UK life is simple…..a new model comes out, your contract comes up for renewal and you can either upgrade to a newer model free of charge or pay a small sum of money to have something awesome in your bag. For as long as I can remember I’ve had Samsungs….,flip ones, slide ones, touch screen I’ve loved them all.

Now Turkey is different…. There are no free phones. You buy what you want and they have always been horribly expensive. A lot of people buy a phone in the UK and bring it here. There is tax to pay of about £30 and a connection charge to your chosen operator but it has always worked out cheaper than buying in Turkey.

So last year I had the which phone shall I buy debate…I did my research and decided on an S3. My husband wanted an IPhone 5 and wanted me to get one too. Now much as I love my IPad I still wanted the Samsung. The android apps are free, the phone is bigger but thinner and lighter to carry around and at the time £200 cheaper.

Off I went to Phones4u in Cardiff and got myself a rather unusual metallic brown S3. I explained I lived overseas……. I checked the warranty would be valid if I took it out of the UK and was assured it was. The only problem was that he couldn’t do the paperwork to claim the VAT back….not the end of the world but I had factored the 20% into all my calculations. Anyway I came home……did all the running around to register it, charged it up and left the country again all in the space of 24 hours (a long story for another post). The battery life wasn’t as good as I’d hoped but by the time. I got home again 3 weeks later I was sort of used to it and just thought it was one of those things.

So Wednesday night the battery was flat. I plugged the charger in and let it charge overnight. I know they can catch fire but I don’t know anyone it’s happened to so I continue to charge my phones and everything else overnight. Thursday I got up, checked it was charged to 100%, unplugged it and popped it in my handbag. At 1.30 I thought I would call my husband to see if he wanted to meet me for lunch….. The phone was off….odd but guessed maybe I’d accidentally powered it off when I put it in my bag.

Pressed the button….nothing….no welcome screen no irritating Samsung welcome noise nothing. Then I decided I must have been mistaken when I saw it was 100% and the charge couldn’t have been plugged in properly. I came home and plugged it in again…… Nothing….no warming little red light to let me know it was charging…..completely dead.

I didn’t panic…..not a problem it’s still under warranty. I called Samsung UK……. I pressed all the buttons they told me to and I waited in the queue…… Eventually I got a human and explained that I lived overseas but my phone was purchased in the UK and wasn’t working….. His response was to hang up…..really irritating if you are calling from Turkey!

I called again and got the most unhelpful boy they employ. He was very condescending as if living overseas means you don’t understand basic English. He explained very slowly that he couldn’t help as I was calling the UK and I lived in Turkey. I explained very slowly that the phone was purchased in the UK and had a world wide warranty. He told me they couldn’t help I would have to ring Samsung Turkey. He couldn’t give me a number as he was in the UK and couldn’t be expected to know telephone numbers for Samsung anywhere else. That’s exactly what he said…we are in the UK we don’t know the number you will have to go on line and find it.

So……I ring Samsung Turkey…..I select the option for English and get someone who only speaks Turkish……. I got my husband to call…he did the same and again we got someone who only spoke Turkish….. My husband explained and they said….. “we don’t deal with phones purchased overseas”. He told them it was purchased 13 months ago and was still under warranty. Apparently not……yes you get a 2 year warranty if you use it in the country you bought it but if you take it overseas it’s only a year.

They gave us the number of my nearest service centre who would be able to look at it and tell me if it can be repaired. They are located a 3 hour drive away. Feeling fed up and cheated. £379 of broken phone and no warranty. You can only register one phone from overseas every 2 years, hence wanting the 2 year warranty in the first place.

I am going to take it I to the Mobile Phone hospital in town here on Monday and see what they suggest, Perhaps it is something cheap and easily fixed. I hope so, I took loads of pictures last week that I wanted to share on another post.

I wish I could say my husband is sympathetic…..but he says he told me I should have got the iPhone 5.

Like Cacik but not Cacik

Cacik is a yoghurt dish served with bread or as an accompaniment to various meat dishes. Turkish people will eat yoghurt with most things but not fish.

I get bored with plain Cacik. I do like it but really fancied something a bit different tonight.

This has a garlic and lemony flavour and went really well with our chicken.

Plain yoghurt 400 grams
Tablespoon Olive oil per 200 grams I used 2
1/4 teaspoon of sumac
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/4 tea spoon salt
2 cloves of garlic peeled and very finely chopped. You could use purée but I prefer it with the little lumps.

Add the seasoning to a dish, add the garlic and the olive oil and mix well. Add the yoghurt and stir well. It will keep in the fridge for a couple, of days but you will find the flavours get stronger. I prepared mine about 2 hours before I needed it to give the flavours a chance to develop without been over powering. The sumac gives it a lovely hint of lemon.

Give it another stir just before you serve it to mix the oil which will separate slightly and accumulate around the edges.