The cobbler’s child………

It’s an old English saying. The cobblers child is always the last to get their shoes repaired and I know just how they feel.

My husband is a builder and decorator. He builds and decorates….he paints, tiles, instals bathrooms, plasters all the usual things you would expect.

But not at home…… I’ve waited 4 months for a nail in the wall to hang a picture….I tried asking where the drill was so I could do it myself and was assured he would do it….a few weeks later I suggested advertising for a man to come and do a few odd jobs and was told it wasn’t necessary he’d do it. Finally after 4 months he finally asked where the picture hanging hooks were and when I produced them he tapped a nail into the wall……….easy!

Last year he was going to paint the lounge at the the end of the winter as there were smokey patches from the stove……did it get done? Um nope am still waiting and there are even more patches this year.

I was in the UK 3 weeks ago and asked him to dismantle the fire…did he? Um nope it’s still here.

So my sister is coming to visit at the end of next week. So this morning himself gets up and says I must sort the fire and paint the lounge before your sister comes. Hooray I thought at last an incentive to do it….. Has he made a start? That’ll be an ummm nope…he’s out with his friends drinking tea in a cafe.

It’s not like I’m asking him to fix the car or cook a 5 course gourmet dinner….I’m asking him to do something he’s good at. If I paint the lounge it’ll take me days if he does it it’ll take a day.

Does anyone else have this problem? Why is it so hard to get a man to do things in his own home? I hate nagging but if I don’t have a daily nagging session I’d wait forever.

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