Pastries & Pies – Çaliş Beach

Thıs cafe has been open for over 5 years now and is run by the lovely Liza and her husband Sabri. It serves traditional home cooked English food and. Liza makes all the cakes, pies and quiches herself as well as the chutneys and jams.

In addition to eating in you can take away too as well as buy jams and pickles to take home. They do airport picnics. Anyone who ever travels to Dalaman will tell you the food and drink is extortionate and a picnic to take with you is a really good idea. If you pre order Sabri or Liza will deliver it to your hotel in Çaliş too.

Recently they have taken over the premises next door where Sabri’s Mum is the cook. They are serving traditional Turkish food. Soups, lokanta dishes and home made Turkish pancakes (gözleme) at very Turkish prices. They have special meat balls (kofte) on the menu this week too. I am 100% recommending it.


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