The Meeting Point @ Çaliş Beach

What a wonderful meal.

I’ve always been a fan of this restaurant and have known the owner for as many years as he has been open and previously when he worked at a restaurant on the beach.

I accept that some restaurants start out very good and then go down hill but this is not one of those.

We have been for dinner tonight. We started with free bread and some garlic butter and a peppery salca. For out mains we ordered T-bone steaks
but were advised by Ahmet that the fillet steak was better and the same price.

We accepted his advice and ordered fillet steaks with a pepper sauce on the side. The pepper sauce when It came was lovely and not too creamy. The steaks were massive…probably about twice the size of a fillet steak in the UK and cooked to perfection. They were served with grilled tomatoes, a whole heap of fried mushrooms and onions along with chips, rice and salad.

I know you are wondering how much a meal like this could possibly cost and the answer is just 33 tl or a paltry £9.10 per person.

I am again 100% recommending this restaurant for 2014.


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