Cat season…..take a ticket and wait for your number to be called

Wow my cat is a hottie. He has had his little op but that doesn’t seem to stop the ladies queuing for his attention.

We live on the second floor and they are managing to get up in the balcony for major flirting sessions. The tails are bushed up and presented….lots of rubbing against the window and miaowing.

He does have a particular lady friend…she could be quite cute…..long cream fur a hint of ginger around her ears and tail. But she doesn’t come from a good home….her fur is knotted, she has fleas is always starving hungry and I suspect pregnant by someone else.

We are using so much cat food keeping her fed that my vet suggested that my cat might have worms……. I had to laugh and explain that we are feeding 2 cats hence the speed the food is eaten.

Lots of yowling and some of these lady cats really have no morals…… There was a rather pretty tortoiseshell on the shed roof last week…… she was getting some cat action from a ginger tom, and 2 others were queuing ready for their turn. My boy was there waiting patiently… fighting….just forming an orderly queue.

I wish people would neuter their animals. In a few weeks there will be dozens of stray kittens rummaging in bins and looking for new homes.


My boy exhausted after a morning on the roof with his ladies.

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