Raspberry Ketones……….

Well what can I say? Regular readers will know that my knees are knackered and arthritis has set in with vengeance. One of the perks of the diagnosis and I am joking when I say perk…is that I now need to lose another 10kgs.

I have a group of friends who have leapt to my support who are all dieting alongside me. I am forever grateful for them been there and for our Monday weigh ins when I find out how much I have lost.

I have been in full diet mode since February and have lost precisely nothing. I started by giving up sugar in tea….about 20 lumps a day. My weight has dropped by 400g and gone up by 400g and gone down again…..but that’s it.

So I ordered a diet plate. It’s much smaller than my normal plates and has sections for meat or fish, carbohydrates and vegetables. I’ve used it since March and no I haven’t lost any weight but I am always hungry.

Finally someone was raving about raspberry ketones and colon cleanse….so with 10 kilos to lose I thought it was worth a try just to get me off to a good start and heading in the right direction. Three weeks down the line….and I’ve lost…you guessed it a big fat nothing.

The instructions on both packets say take one or two a day. I’ve tried the one of each and have as of yesterday doubled it to two of each. Fingers crossed the scales will start heading in the right direction.

I will keep you posted but at the moment I think I have just fallen victims to the hype the only thing that is actually lighter is my purse….but that’ll be the £25 I spent on the tablets.

Weigh day tomorrow…..if the scales still says the same I will be opening the last box of emergency Maltesers and scoffing quite a lot.

5 thoughts on “Raspberry Ketones……….

  1. Hi, have you heard of the 5/2 diet. You can read up on it on Google. You stick to just 500 calories for two non- consecutive days each week, the other five days a week you eat whatever you like. My husband and I have been on it since January and we have both lost more that a stone each. You need a lot of willpower, but if you are determined to give it a go I’m sure you will find it really does work. Good luck. Eileen. xx.

    • I have heard of it but not met anyone who has been able to stick to it. I have been tempted but I find it hard to measure the calories in fresh food and it is really difficult to get anything pre prepared here. But a stone since January is excellent. Do you have a particular 2 days you do the 500 calories or do you change each week? What sort of things do you eat?

      • Hi, I try to stick to Monday and Thursday, so that it doesn’t even feel like being on a diet, but if something pops up like a lunch invite I just change it to another day. If you go on google you can find out the amount of calories in almost everything. I judge everything in 100 grams for example 100 grams of tomatoes are only 18 calories, 100 grams of cucumber 16 calories, 100 grams of chicken breast (no skin) 120 calories, 100grams of green peppers 15 calories 100 grams of onion 31 calories. What I have found the easiest for me is just having a black coffee in the morning (no sugar), then at lunch time I have a smoothie made with oranges,grapes, melon or any fruit I fancy. Then at about five o’ clock I have 100 grams of chicken breast with green and red peppers, onion and tomatoes all in the pan with the one calorie spray you can get in most supermarkets, I find that eight to ten sprays is ample. In the evening I just have some fruit. I try to drink some glasses of water if I feel peckish in between meals. It might sound a bit of a pain but you soon get used to it, as long as you weigh everything you eat on the two days and dont go over 500 cals, you should see a difference. Hope this has not put you off giving it a try, it just takes a wee bit of willpower and reading your last blog I think you have loads. Let me know how you get on. Good luck. Eileen.

      • You make it sound easy. I was told it had to be 2 consecutive days but splitting them would be easier. We don’t get fry light but make our own using watered and olive oil. If you give it a good shake it works the same way. Salad, fruit and chicken would be easy now the weather is nice or fish and salad. Thank you so much for posting. I am going to google it too and aim to start on the 20th May. My sister will be here visiting until then and it will be impossible as we will be out sightseeing and eating out a lot but after that I am definitely going to give it a go. Will keep you posted.

      • Good for you!, it’s amazing the amount you CAN eat as long as you weigh everything and stick to the 500 cals. I also find I drink loads of cups of tea and coffee ( no sugar or milk) which fills you up and they have absolutely no cals. Looking forward to hearing how you get on, enjoy your time with your sister. x.

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