No You Tube

Well there seemed like there was some good news yesterday. A court ruled that we should have Twitter back. Not sure how long it will take but suspect it won’t be before the local elections at the weekend.

Our elections fall on Saturday so we get an extra day of winter time as the clocks won’t change until the early hours of Monday morning. For a whole 24 hours there will be a 3 hour time difference with the UK instead of the usual 2.

Anyway…..the news just breaking is that You Tube has again been banned. It was banned for the first 2 years I lived here and you either find a way around it or get used to living without it. I had got used to just logging on and watching what I wanted but today I am faced with a blue screen. Government notice telling me that it is an illegal site in Turkey.

Our Prime Minister has said he would like to ban Facebook too. I’m on level 382 in Candy Crush Saga and will be a very perplexed little Pixie if I am unable to get my daily game.

A few weeks a new law came in relating to blogs. It is now illegal to post pictures with alcohol in them and we can be fined for illegal advertising.

All in all it is getting more difficult to communicate with the outside world. For expats like myself we rely on Facebook and Skype to keep in touch with family back home.

I love Turkey it is my chosen home but have to admit to feeling a bit apprehensive as to what might be banned next.

Keep reading and I’ll keep blogging for as long as WordPress doesn’t get banned.

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