What I was sort of expecting but not what I wanted……

I have had problems with my knees for many years. As medicine has progressed the tools available to investigate have got more hi tech and the diagnosis has changed several times.

Finally 11 and 10 years ago I had a small day operation where they washed the joints out. The surgeon told me that I needed replacement knees but that I was too young. He said he could do three washouts before they replaced them. I waited 2 years to see the. Consultant and a year for the first operation with the second a year afterwards.

In 2007 a large lorry drove into my little car whilst I waiting at some traffic lights. I still suffer from pins and needles down one side now if I sit for too long. An MRI scan in 2009 showed that. I had osteoarthiritis is the too of my spine and they thought that was the reason I was suffering. Long term problems.

Anyway two weeks ago I my right knee started aching, then it felt stiff and then I was suffering with a serious amount of pain. I put up with it for a week and then told my husband I needed to see the Consultant. I explained to him that I would probably need another wash out and then all would be fine. In the back of my mind I was putting two and two together and wondering if I also had osteoarthiritis in my knees.

Last Friday we rang the private hospital and were told to come that afternoon. We arrived and asked to see the orthopaedic consultant. We had to pay about £9….I love living in Turkey. I told him my fears and he sent me off for some X-rays…….10 minutes later we had the results. As I feared osteo arthiritis in both knees. The right much worse than the left.

No wash out then…no easy fix. Phew…… No avoiding it now. I need both knees replaced but again am still too young so we now have to find a way to manage the condition for another 5 to 10 years. Ugh!

I now have a truly ugly orthopaedic knee support and pain killing gel and tablets. He has also injected the joint….with Synvisc which is a bit like oil that will lubricate and joint and make it more mobile. Syringe into knee joint….ouch ouch ouch! I can’t lie it hurt and I cried. I have to have another one this Friday and then the last one a week later. The good news is that it will last for between 6 months and a year.

Upon arriving home I had a cuppa and spent some time with my mate Google. The Synvisc is not prescribed by many health authorities in the UK as it is considered too expensive. The total cost here for all my treatment and the Consultant was about £90. No waiting list…..no hassle……. Been, seen and sorted in an afternoon. So glad I am here.

Long term I know I will have to have the replacements but for now I am hoping that the treatment will make it liveable with. If anyone has suggestions for foods that help or are known to make arthiritis symptoms worse I would love to hear them. This is not taking control of my life…….

2 thoughts on “What I was sort of expecting but not what I wanted……

    • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I bought some coconut oil in Thailand so may give it a go. So done else has suggested aloe vera as well. The injections seem to be doing their stuff and I am taking glucosamine again. Will have a look at the website link you sent this afternoon.

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