The Best Beaches in Turkey?

I saw this article for the Guardian this morning. There are three of our local ones mentioned – Gemiler, Faralya and Kabak. I agree all very beautiful.

But there are others as a resident that I would rate more highly. Katranci is much closer and more accessible and a beautiful beach. It gets busy on a Sunday with locals but during the week it is lovely and quiet. The most photographed beach locally has to be Olu Deniz. I prefer it in winter when there aren’t as many tourists but it is easily accessible and nice for swimming and sunbathing.

20140111-105752.jpg A shot of Gemiler Beach mentioned in the Guardian article.

20140111-105957.jpg Sunset at Calis beach which is where we live.

Here’s one of Katranci


20140111-110642.jpg ……. and lastly the beautiful Olu Deniz.

Another favourite for picnics are the beaches beyond Letoonia Beach Club…….Aksazlar as a restaurant and good facilities, Salmanlik is fabulous but a bit lacking in creature comforts but both great locations for a BBQ on the beach.

Turkey is a very beautiful country. Amazing views, sunsets to stop you in your tracks and fabulous beaches are part of everyday life if you live outside the cities. It’s a huge country and apart for the beaches there are many historical sites, lush green countryside, mountains, snow in places and skiing in winter, and modern cities with more shops than you could ever hope to tackle in one trip. Internal flights are cheap so it is possible to split your holiday between the beach and the city.

The food is mostly home grown and cheap compared to other places. The lira exchange rate is very high against the £ at the moment meaning you get more pennies to spend. If you haven’t visited before you are really missing out. If you have….well I guess you are already booked for summer 2014 – it’s not a country that you can stay away from.

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