Big Wave Seafood at Lamai

Just have to give this one a mention . It’s not on trip advisor so can’t leave a review there.

This restaurant is located in Lamai not far from Mc Donald’s. Lamai is one of the towns that has a Walking street every night…known as the Night Plaza. In reality a couple of rows of stalls selling shirts, flip flops, souvenirs, phone cases and other things tourists might want to remind them of their trip. Definitely haggle it is well worth it and you can get some really good bargains.

If you stand with your back to Mc Donald’s the Night Plaza is to your left about 100 metres further up the road on the opposite side, There are two entrances and if you head for the furthest one The Big Waves is on your left not long after you go in.

To be honest it looks grubby…….the plastic chairs could do with a good clean….we headed for the wooden ones. Really attractive display of fresh fish outside all in ice to keep it fresh. Hubby opted for Barracuda and I had the White Snapper….both fried in onions and garlic with some garlic rice and a salad. A food mountain arrived and the fish was cooked to perfection. A mix of all nationalities eating here including local people, which I always think is a great recommendation.

Not the cheapest place we’ve had fish but definitely the tastiest served by lovely friendly people.

For the ladies…..the ladies facilities are basic but clean…nowhere near the worst I have experienced on the Island. But…….when you come out don’t be tempted to look in the concrete sinks where they wash up. It’ll offend your Western concept of what a sink should look like.

I would recommend it and I would eat there again……but don’t wear white trousers.

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