Massage parlours

I knew that would get your attention!

Yes it’s true there really are hundreds of massage parlours in Thailand and they are not expensive. some double up as brothels but mostly they are modern, very professional looking with experienced staff who just want to give you a massage.

So off we went to Chaweng. We had a lovely meal and then decided to explore the sights. Now my hubby much as I love him is not well travelled so was very excited about downtown Chaweng. His mates and told hi. Loads of stories before we came and he had done some serious time in google….mostly because he didn’t believe what he was told about lady boys. To say we waled slowly through Chaweng is an understatement…..his neck was at a permanent 90degree angle as he tried to see I to every bar and club. Bang……he walked straight into a very large moderately drunk bloke…..luckily the guy was not British and this isn’t downtown Swansea…….he didn’t get glassed and no knife was pulled…..they both apologised for been so clumsy and carried in walking.

Obviously lesson not learned and we continued our very slow walk with hubby trying to see all there is to see…….and believe me there’s a lot to see. Bang……another collision…this time with a ladyboy… least he has seen one close up and will even be able to tell his mates he actually touched one.

By 11.30pm I was exhausted……but happened to spot a sign in a massage parlour offering 30 minute foot massages for100 baht…that’s about £2 or 7tl…..very reasonable. I suggested it to himself…….wasn’t sure how he would respond…..but needn’t have worried his little eyes lit up our shoes were removed and we were inside. Yes like Turkey shoes stay outside.

We were greeted by an older thai lady who sat us at some big foot baths…our masseurs arrived and gently washed our feet in antiseptic soap and dried them. Who can blame them I wouldn’t want to be massaging hot, smelly feet from around the world for £4 an hour even washed I would probably want rubber gloves.

Much to hubby’s disappointment our masseurs weren’t 20 years old, skinny and beautiful…they were more mature…well padded ladies and certainly not stunningly beautiful. But their hands…… The hands of angels……I am not joking…….wow……wow. Thirty minutes I heaven…scented oils….our feet were stroked, rubbed, our individual toes and their tips massaged. Oils rubbed into our calves. It was blissful. We left feeling like we had been sitting down all day and ready to walk another few kilometres……….and guess where hubby wanted to go……yep another stroll around the bars. Typical man!

I can recommend Ds Spa in Chaweng….there are two of them….very modern…well equipped, lovely staff and reasonably priced. We will definitely be going back for a full body massage before we leave.

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