Driving round the island -v- cleaning toilets in Mae Nam

Earlier this week we decided we would take a drive around the whole Island.

We turned left when we came out of our bungalow and just kept heading left until we arrived home again. We stopped off at the Muslim Village and bought some shoes….I know I don’t need anymore but they were a bargain. Then a bit further along we stopped in a big beach side restaurant for some food…..I had the most stunning seafood fried rice….wish I could remember the name of the restaurant and hubby had a tuna sandwich. He really hasn’t adjusted well to Thai food and is getting harder and harder to feed.

We then kept on going through Lamai which I really liked the look of, a brief stop on some cliffs to take some photos. We were accosted by a man with a massive iguana who wanted to know if we would like to rent him for our photos…ummm nope…he’s big and green and scaly …..yeuk. Decided to stick with the husband.

Onto Chaweng, BoPhut and back to Maenam. Our little tour took us 4 hours but it was really interesting to see how different the towns are as you drive around the coast.

Meanwhile my crazy little sister having got fed up of dropping subtle hints over the last 12 years to bar owners in Mae Nam decided to take some action today. She purchased 12 loo brushes and 12 bottles of bleach and delivered them as New Years gifts to the bars they use with the smelliest! dirtiest toilets. Where she discovered they had no cleaning ladies she donned rubber gloves and cleaned the ladies herself. She says they just don’t understand that foreign ladies may like the bar, the food, the atmosphere but won’t come back if the toilets are disgusting.

Anyone in Mae Nam this week? Please take time to compliment bar owners if you happen across a really clean toilet. Let them know we like it like that. Meanwhile my sister was rewarded with wine…..she was very Merry by the time the deed was done.

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