One night in Chaweng………

I know the song is One Night in Rio but Chaweng does fit quite well to the music…….

I’d heard a lot about Chaweng…not all good but was looking forward to seeing it. We collected some Thai friends on the way out and headed to where the action is. Hubby in particular was keen to see some ladyboys. He still can’t quite get his head around the whole concept and can’t help but stare when he sees one.

We had googled earlier in the day to try and find a halal restaurant. None of them were very central, so friends suggested we try the Indian. We called ahead to check that all their meat was halal. So that’s how we ended up eating curry at Noori in Chaweng. A varied menu and all reasonably priced. Noori himself speaks excellent English and gives you the option as to how spicy you require your chosen dishes. Be warned…..the portions are huge…..we struggled to finish what we had. This been Thailand I have to mention the ladies toilets….. very basic but cleanish….take your own paper. There is antibacterial hand wash for after the visit.

Food eaten we headed off for a walk around town. The noise was amazing music coming from every direction……. glamorous girls of all nationalities trying to entice you I to the clubs and some very beautiful ladyboys. We ended up at Black Jacks bar…an English looking pub with a mix of music from the 70s and 80s. There are some wilder bars opposite and it is by a road used by many to get to the brighter noisier clubs…… A great place to people watch from.

I was introduced to a new drink…Spy….it’s a wine cooler and comes in red, rose or white. Very refreshing, very cheap and allow alcohol content so you can drink a few without getting horribly drunk and no hangover either.

We loved the atmosphere. We did take photos and I’ll add some later. We will definitely be going back for another visit.

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