Starting how we mean to go on…..welcome 2014

After 2013……. The only way has to be up. One of the reasons we are in Thailand is to launch the New Year in a totally different way.

We woke up quite early today especially as we had been out until 5am. All of us tired but no obvious signs of a hangover…..guessing that really expensive wine doesn’t cause headaches the way the cheaper stuff does.

I prepared breakfast…smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs, brie, fresh French bread and loads of tea and coffee……a perfect start to 2014. We decided on a lazy day around the house….. Just reading chatting, chilling and making plans for the rest of the year. My sister is going to come and visit us in the summer, we may go to the UK…… We both have business ideas we want to get off the ground. We both have some minor health issues we want to deal with……. Hopefully in Turkey as the UK health system doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

One of the life coaching exercises I sometimes use with clients works very well at New Year. Try it…..sit down when you have a spare hour and imagine you have just had the best year of your life… can make it best 3 or 5 years if you like. Write it down, describe it….Where were you living? Who were you living with? Were you working? What car were you driving? What was your social life like? Your health? How did you feel? Why was it the best year? Where did you holiday? Try and think about everything……….where you shopped….the clothes you wore……. Details are important.

Now look at it……… That’s the life you want….the one that will make you happy………. Make your resolutions and plans now using that as your guide. What do you need to do to achieve that life…… You only get one…’s too short and goes too fast…… it….you deserve your best life.

I made 2 New Years resolutions last year and kept them both. It seems that less is more in my case…..I have long since learned that making a huge list and mentally beating myself up when I fail is really counter productive….1 or 2 well thought out ones is enough. I’m still working on the perfect ones for 2014 but have some ideas.

We had a very relaxing day. It’s not a day I could ever have imagined taking place and it is still strange that this time last year I didn’t know where my sister was and had no desire to see her and this year we are together making plans for the future. So much lost time to make up for. We may have lost a mother in 2013 but we gained each other and for that I will be forever grateful.

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