New Years Eve Thailand.

The Thai people get very excited about New Year and as soon as it was midnight last night there were flurries of firecrackers going off. We were woken up this morning by fireworks too.

We spent the day in Chaweng. I had nothing to wear out tonight and we wanted to explore a bit. Hubby was very pleased with our discovery of a KFC with halal meat. So that was our lunch stop.

The BIG C shopping centre has lots of smaller shops as well as a big supermarket where you can buy almost anything as long as you can work out what it says on the packet in thai. For those of you heading this way….monosodium glutamate is in a packet with red writing and salt is in a blue.

I managed to find the perfect outfit in the small boutique on the right hand side as you go in……got some lovely white harem trousers and an ethnic long cotton too for just 780 baht. They also had some beautiful silk kimono type tops…..will definitely be sneaking back there at the end of the trip if I have money left to treat myself to some more. Hubby had a really good quality Koh Samui TShirt for 299 baht.

Feeling very pleased with our purchases we set off to locate the halal butchers we had heard about. Turn right out of the Big C and it is about 75 metres on your left. The sign says Specialist French Bakery and Butchers. All his beef is halal and very good quality. He also has some delicious looking cheeses and French breads and pastries. I came out with some smoked salmon, some Brie and some French bread in addition to the beef.

Home to shower and change before our big night out. We started the evening at a private Thai party in a little village near Chaweng… could hear the music from about a km away. Set up in a car valeting forecourt there were two long tables of guests and big pots of traditional Thai food to feed everyone. We ate some chicken and rice but some of the other dishes were just too spicy for us. The party throwers wife is from a Muslim family so all the meat was halal…….again one very happy husband.

We left at about 10.45pm as we had an invitation to W resort to watch the fireworks. It’s strange but as you get older you suddenly find yourself with friends in strange places and my sister knows the owner. We arrived at the party, were given our VIP wrist bands and everything was on the house. We drank champagne, and some very expensive wine. The fireworks were incredible and the view from Woo bar let us enjoy all the surrounding fireworks including those on Kho Panang. At about 3am we headed back to Mae Nam and the Chill Out Bar on the beach where we partied until after 4am and then made our way home to bed by 5. One of the best New Years Eves I ever remember.

In Thailand there are some very dodgy toilets…. And tonight I experienced the full range…..a private very clean squat…..but unlike Turkey where they are flat on the floor in Thailand they are raised just enough to be dangerous if you have had a few drinks. the W resort….I suspect certainly the most impressive on the Island and Chill Out……. if you can find an alternative do it…truly horrible.

Happy 2014 everyone

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