Not Koh Phan Ang.

Well our trip to the island was cancelled as the people we were going with had a funeral to attend today.

We got off to a leisurely start….lazy breakfast and then headed into Mae Nam to collect a scooter and have some food. Collected out scooter from a friend of my sisters……negotiated a good price and am pleased to report that I can reach the floor so can drive it. Having transport will make a big difference to our Koh Samui experience.

We stopped at the Sea view in Maenam for a late lunch……and I can recommend the thai curry fried rice with prawns…spicy but lovely. We then took a stroll along the beach to see where my sister usually stays and stopped at a beach shack for some drinks. Windy and not particularly warm but still lovely to sit on the sand and listen to some Bob Marley.

Back to the house for a chill and then to Poos place aka Sunshine Garden for dinner. Fried white snapper with garlic and onion and rice. I really enjoyed mine…hubby was upset that they had filleted and chopped the fish as he was hoping for a whole one.

A stroll to Mamas supermarket for more drinks and some bar girl watching…..a fascinating sport….. Hubby was surprised that some of the girls weren’t and horrified when two lady boys invited him to play pool. He won’t be so smiley and sociable tomorrow night me thinks.

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