Yesterday we got up early and decided we would use the local bus taxis to go and visit Nathon.

We ended up spending quite a lot on fares and would probably have been better off hiring a scooter.

Nathon…..well…it has a reputation as been the best place to clothes shop but it was Sunday and lots of shops seemed to be closed. It is the Administrative Capital of the island but was by far the dirtiest place we have visited so far. The whole place seemed very grubby and was very smelly…a mix of all sorts of cooking and rancid drains.

The beach was a very thin strip and there were a few pretty long tail fishing boats dotted around. We did manage to find a bit of a market that sold cheap fruit….and also a clean looking cafe where we were able to get breakfast.

We found nowhere that did halal meat so hubby on eggs, fruit and vegetables again. He was appalled by how dirty some of the food places appeared and shocked that people didn’t wash their hands before starting to prepare the food.

We did pick up some bargains but still found most shops overpriced. We will definitely be going back to the local walking street which although geared towards tourists seems far more reasonably priced. I am now the owner of a lively new sarong and hubby got some shorts.

Last night we were too tired to go out so went and got a pizza from a place on the road to Nathon. One very large tuna and onion to share and a night with some DVDs.

We are having an early night as we are going to visit Koh Pangang tomorrow.

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