A birthday in Thailand

No….not mine…but my little sister’s. Not even a special one…although in someways it is as it’s the first birthday I have spent with her in more than 30 years.

We got up and went to a special restaurant known as Poos for eggs Benedict…sadly Poo wasn’t expecting us and wasn’t open……change of plan and it was off to Fishermans Village in BoPhut for a cooked breakfast at an Australian bar called Billabong on the sea front. Very nice it was too…once we were all stuffed full of fried stuff all reasonably priced my Sister headed off to run some errands leaving me and hubby to have a meander around the shops……..what can I say? Very….very overpriced and obviously geared to parting the unsuspecting tourist from their hard earned cash. We had bought a shirt at walking street for 100 baht the identical shirt 450 baht in Fishermans Village.

We then met at a hand made shoe shop……too many to choose from and headed towards Choeng Mong beach. It was beautiful…white sands….dotted with small beach bars, hammocks and a great hotel which has rooms to rent shaped like boats.

After a couple of hours at home to make ourselves beautiful we headed off to Johns Place for dinner…….it was beautiful. Lovely location and atmosphere. The food was fantastic and hubby overjoyed when he discovered all their beef is halal. We had the excellent beef with chilli and onions and rice….spicy but very delicious and the others in outer group had steaks or thai dishes. We lived it and will definitely eat there again.

It was lovely to meet some of my sisters friends. We laughed loads, ate loads, and drank a lot of wine…..we finally got to bed at 2am…… A fantastic day had by all.

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