Day 3 – Samui the tour 2013.

Hubby didn’t sleep well last night and went out for a walk at about 6am……when the rest of us woke up he had managed to find fresh coconuts and bananas and they were piled up in the kitchen. My sister and her hubby who didn’t know he’d been out were very confused about how they had arrived in a locked house.

We had a late breakfast and then took a stroll down the the beach at Ban Po. it is small but very beautiful. There were big waves that surprised me…literally… very little lady with very wet shorts. We strolled for a kilometre or so and then started to get cut off by the I coming tide. a nice thai lady let us cut through a private garden rather than drown.

Once back on the main road we found a small Thai cafe where we stopped for some authentic Thai food. I had noodles and prawns and hubby had a vegetable dish. Both very delicious and inexpensive. After a stroll home and a short relax we headed out to the local fresh produce market to buy supplies for this evenings meal.

We got some lovely fresh vegetables and some very fresh fish. Due to limited kitchen facilities the fish was barbecued and we stir fried the veg……absolutely stuffed and no one could manage the lovely a fresh pineapple we had planned for dessert.

We are going out for breakfast and dinner tomorrow as it’s my sisters birthday. Looking forward to trying some more thai food.


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