The Eagle has landed……Day 1 ……Koh Samui the tour 2013.

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates the day.

We spent it travelling across the world to Thailand. finally arrived in Koh Samui at 9pm last night. We ate some very nice airline food but not a slice of Turkey in sight. No Christmas television either.

At Bangkok we managed to get onto an earlier flight to Samui so text my sister to let her know so they could come and get us. Only……I used the wrong text number……no code needed from inside Thailand. We arrived in Samui and no one was here…… A lovely airport information official called for us…… and soon they were on the way. Hubby bowed and thanked the nice lady…which extracted heaps of smiles and bowing in return.

My sister and her partner collected us for the airport in their jeep….luggage and hubby rode in the back. Coming through the streets it definitely reminds me of home……. My sister has found a Turkish restaurant in Mae Nam so we will definitely be giving that a try.

The weather is warm but not boiling and the place we are staying is packed full with lush vegetation……all very beautiful……am in the mood for food and exploring now but himself is still sleeping off the travelling.

Must remember to take my camera or there will be no holiday photos to share.


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