Sunday 22nd December so far……….

Thanks to my lovely husband I now know there are two 8 O clocks on a Sunday. This was not something I wanted to find out after only 6 hours sleep. In fact I think we can safely say I will be having a small afternoon nap later on.

In the past himself has often worked seven days a week but mostly he now tries to take the day off so we can spend time together. My regular readers will know that we are going on holiday in a couple of days……we are going for four weeks so rather than make people wait he is trying to cram every last little job in before we go.

During dinner last night he announced that he/we would need and early night because he wanted to be on his way by 8am. Sounds ok……. Meanwhile I am knitting like a lunatic to finish the scarf and hat set I am making for my sister’s birthday next week. All was calm…fire alight, TV on a nice restful Saturday night. I put my knitting down to pour a cup of tea and when I sat down again I managed to drop my needle…..yep the one with all the stitches on. Under normal circumstances not good but not the end of the world. But…my sister likes fluffy things and this wool is hairy…and I mean really hairy making it almost impossible to see the stitches.

My lovely husband who can be very impatient at times obviously sensed I was about to suffer some sort of knitting induced meltdown. He very calmly picked up the knitting, wool and needles and told me he would sort it……and he did…he managed to pick up every last stitch. I could have kissed him….well I did actually. What an awesome guy. So there I was filled with love and grateful that I married him and not someone else. The thing is…it took him awhile to sort it out and it was 1am. So much for our early night…..but it was an emergency.

Off we went to bed. He set his alarm and put it under his pillow so he wouldn’t disturb me in he morning. To be fair he didn’t…he got up….had breakfast got dressed, and went to work and I slept through it all. Then my phone rang and semi woke me up…..I did look at it….my Brother in Law…… He doesn’t speak any English and I was too asleep to attempt a conversation on the phone in Turkish. Anyway I ignored it and then it rang again…and didn’t stop……thinking by now that it maybe important I answered. It was my husband……. the poor man had been loading the car up and the front door had slammed shut behind him leaving his phone, keys, money and everything else locked in the house. He had rung the door bell but after so little sleep I had just slept through the noise.

So that’s it my day so far. 9.30am on a Sunday and I am awake….and I mean wide awake. I’ve had breakfast, several glasses of tea, hung some washing out and I am raring to go. The cat is appalled….he is waiting on the bed….desperately hoping I will return for a Sunday morning catty cuddle. Not this morning…’s market day and I have a pile of holiday ironing and packing to do.

Whatever you are doing …enjoy your Sunday.

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