Oooh I booked a holiday!

Sounds great doesn’t it and I am sure it will be. It was only booked 10 days ago…we really can’t afford it but need a holiday desperately. When I booked I warned my husband that I would need his help to get everything sorted but my lovely husband is so laid back and totally unfazed by it all.

Today… is 4 sleeps until we leave…..I have no currency, no repeat medications, no credit card, no internal flights booked the other end, and have not sorted any clothes or done any packing. Meanwhile… husbands response when I ask him to sort clothes or run an errand is…….we’re not going for another 5 days. Aaaarrrrgghhh!

I want to be organised….not arriving at the airport with minutes to spare, hair on end and luggage over weight with things missing.

You may have guessed by now that this is not your average holiday. If I were going to the UK for 2 weeks I’d quite happily pack on the day we were flying…and have been known to do just that….literally pack an hour before I leave for the airport. I’d be going somewhere familiar, where I speak the language and I know where to buy things.

After a very stressful year (I do have some draft posts giving details but not ready to share yet)……I have booked a proper holiday. We are heading to Koh Samui in Thailand for 4 weeks. My younger sister spends a couple of months there every year and this year we are joining her. It will be the first time in 30 years we have spent Christmas together, it will be the first time I have been there to celebrate her birthday in about 34 years. It’s a big deal!

The beaches are fabulous the weather is warm…….my list of things to do includes, reading and snorkelling, lying in the sun, swimming and 100% relaxing. My husband meanwhile wants to see tigers, crocodiles and elephants and shops that sell trainers. Oh and he’s convinced he will be able to tell which ones are the Ladyboys.

I’ll keep you posted……… Off to collect some currency and my credit card now.

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