Great……! Obviously not got my brain working today!

It’s cold and wet here today. When i say cold to most people it’s probably warm ….about 19 degrees but to us after the long hot summer it feels freezing and we have moved into winter clothes, lots of layers to keep warm, dug our boots out and lit our fires. It’s definitely too miserable to go out today so I am I doors by the fire updating my blog.

There is a lot of excitement today our newly this season promoted local football team are playing one of the most famous teams in Turkey tonight at the away teams stadium in Istanbul. People are hoping that we will win….which would be awesome but in reality highly unlikely. Unless the big team think we are not worth worrying about and don’t put out the best team they have……. Some people have made the journey to watch it live whilst others are planning a night in front of the TV watching the excitement unfold in the warm and dry.

I have just spent 20 minutes typing up my instructions for making Kuru Fasulye…… A lovely dried white bean stew. Very popular on Turkish tables and something worth cooking if you want your Turkish husband to do something he may not be 100% sure about. A big bowl of steaming beans and rice are almost guaranteed to get me my own way.

I previewed the post, checked the spelling…even added a photo of a pot of them bubbling away……and then…..drum roll……I forgot to save the update. My whole post has been consigned to some mystery cyber hiding place where I will never find it.

I’m so sorry and promise that I will have a second attempt later on…..meanwhile you are stuck with just an ordinary everyday blog post and no recipe.

I hope you are all having a great Wednesday.

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