Wow…..50 years of Dr Who

I grew up with Dr Who in the old days it was in black and white and had wobbly sets. At the time it was all very convincing and essential viewing. The Daleks were scary…….even though now looking back new Daleks are the scariest ever. They make the old Daleks look like neighbours popping in for a cup of tea and a chat!

I was living in Wales all through the 80s and 90s was not impressed with the one off film and when a local Welsh writer announced he was going to write a new series in 2005. I along with a lot of others raised my eyebrows, rolled my eyes and agreed that it had no chance of been as good as the originals.

I was wrong…..I admit it. David Tennant was an amazing Dr and I loved Billie Piper as his assistant….I even liked Catherine Tate. I moved to Turkey in 2009 and stopped watching. I didn’t have a working television for the first few months and had better things to do exploring my new surroundings, making friends and getting to grips with my new life.

I missed the Matt Smith incarnation completely……but couldn’t miss the most talked about episode ever…….the 50th Anniversary. I was worried that because I had missed so much there would be things that didn’t make sense and I was indignant on behalf of the former Drs after reading in the on line newspapers that they hadn’t been invited to take part.

But like millions of other people on Saturday night I logged onto the Internet and watched the episode on line. Personally I think it was fantastic. The special effect were great, the story was good and all the Dr were included which made me very emotional. The fact that Gallifrey did not burn and the time lords were not wiped out changes the whole Dr Who story. I read somewhere this week that in the Christmas Special we will discover Matt Smith is the 13th Dr and can’t regenerate……….. Now even living in my little corner of. Turkey I know they have cast a new Dr and am wondering how they are going to bring him into the story.

Guess for the first time I will be counting down the days until it is aired and looking forward to some Christmas television.

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