Onions…….you’ve just got to love them.

I know…. It’s a strange title. But…..I realised this week just how much I love onions and how many different ways I use them.

I love them raw in sandwiches, fried in burgers or with steak, baked with a roast dinner, and caramelised with just about anything. I also find I eat them raw in salads or as a side dish with other meals. Ooh and pickled to in chutney……yum.

I read an article this week about the antiseptic properties of onions which reminded me of an incident with my husband in the early days of our relationship and also my grandmother. The article suggested that you put a sliced raw onion in the room with someone who is ill and apparently it goes black over night as it absorbs the bacteria. It also suggested that once an onion is cut it should be eaten and not be kept even in a refrigerator.

My husband had an abscess…..he’s a bit of a wuss about dentists so I suggested a visit to the pharmacy to get some antibiotics to help. He opted for ringing his Mum who told him to cut a raw onion In half and sleep with it in his mouth to draw out the infection . It did help but it was one of the most unpleasant nights we have ever spent together….every time I rolled over and snuggled up I could smell it and much as I love them….it was horrible.

My grandmother was a tough old bird. She was from Belfast in Northern Ireland and lived well into her 90s. She had 10 children including my Dad. Now her cure for a cold, flu, chest infection, sore throat or anything similar was to peel and cut a large onion in half. She put half an onion I to each toe of a pair of tights and used to wear it around her neck like a scarf. Changing the onions daily until she was better.

I am sure there is something in these old wives tales and interesting that the miraculous properties of onions are recognised both in Turkey and in Ireland. I’ll definitely be trying the sleeping with it in the room the next time I am ill but can’t see me ever sleeping with one in my mouth.

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