Shopping Turkish Style

Now my husband comes from a very large family and is used to shopping accordingly. I still very often wonder how I turned I to a woman that buys 3 kilos of tomatoes or 20 kilos of apples at a time.

You may have seen my apple chutney recipe and my cabbage recipe all designed to use up apples after my brother in law brought home enough to feed several donkeys for several weeks.

My husband after a few months away was asked to bring me some sugar. He arrived with a 25 kilo sack. That’s over 50lbs to those of you that haven’t yet gone metric. Needless to say it won’t fit in the little pine canister I usually keep my sugar in.

Not only do I have in excess of 50lbs of it, it’s come straight from the factory so hasn’t been cut. I have long strips of sugar waiting to be cubed and no sugar cutter (shock horror!). So tonight when you are all relaxing and watching tv I will be trying to get Coronation Street on the Internet and cutting up sugar with a pair of pliers. Not quite the glamorous ex pat lifestyle you all envisage when you hear someone lives in Turkey.



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