Old wives tales or……should that be new husbands tales?

I’ve had a bit of a rough week – have had a streaming cold and have really had to dose myself up to keep going, add to that a mosquito has bitten my eyelid so my eye is swollen, red and itchy too I am not at my best.  I was chatting to my husband the other night and he kept turning away from me – his English in not always that good and he understands more if he is looking at me – in the end getting really cross I suggested that he look at me whilst I was talking and that it might help him understand better.  His reply “I can’t Canim (Dear in Turkish) if I look you in the eye I will get sick”.  I’m assured it is true – if you look a sick person in the eye you will get whatever they have.  The poor love was trying to make sure he didn’t get ill.

There seem to be no end of old wives tales in Turkey.  Some you can if you really stretch your imagination see some logic in but others just defy belief.  So here is a bit of a list to get you started:

You mustn’t drink tea before you have breakfast.

you will get a hole in your stomach and die……… no tea in bed in the mornings he doesn’t want to be responsible for my demise 

You mustn’t eat fish and milk products together

you will get really sick – so all those who think a nice creamy white sauce with your fish is a tasty accompaniament…think of your health! 

Cat fur gives you cancer

yes just one little piece of fur in your mouth can cause the big C…………….. it’s a medical fact and I am assured that if I ask any Dr in Turkey they will confirm this.

Scissors placed under a childs pillow will stop nightmares

and if they wake up they can cut their hair, the sheets and whatever else they want until they feel tired enough to sleep again……….  am I living in a country full of crazy people?

Socks – you must wear them – they stop all types of illness. 

I have quite a collection of hand knitted socks from my Mother in Law.  Bare feet cause all sorts of terrible problems – they can make you infertile, stop you producing milk if you want to breast feed, cause colds and all sorts of terrible illnesses. 

Woe betide anyone who pokes their bare feet out of bed….you’ll be lucky to live until the morning…………..  don’t drink anything too cold – you’ll get sick, food that is too hot – will make you sick……..don’t bath your children everyday – they will get sick, don’t open windows on opposite sides of the house – that breeze coming through will make you sick.  The list is endless but you are getting the picture ……………….

So getting back to my bad cold….the reason I am sick is because I never wear socks, am always walking on cold tiles, frequently poke my feet out of bed and love drinking ice-cold lemonade – I am sat here hoping that I survive long enough to finish this post.


One thought on “Old wives tales or……should that be new husbands tales?

  1. Thanks for the laugh. I have been told the following by my mother-in-law:
    Sleeping with my hair wet gave me a kidney stone.
    Sleeping with my hair wet gave me mastitis.
    My baby has gas because I don’t wear socks (it’s summer).
    My baby can get gas if my stomach is cold.
    My baby can get gas if my legs get cold.
    My baby can get gas if I cry. (I was having a rough day)
    My baby can get gas if he doesn’t wear socks. One day I unzipped his footed pajamas to find socks on his feet.
    My baby can get gas if I drink a cold beverage.
    I need to be fat in order to make enough milk (I am pumping so I currently make way more than needed but she still watches my eating like a hawk).
    My baby has a birthmark because I didn’t eat everything I was craving during pregnancy.

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