Stitch & Bitch ………..does Denizli

The textile shopping centre

Last winter I realised I have some anti social hobbies.  Whilst I enjoy staying home in the warm with a a big bag of wool and some needles it can get a bit lonely and if you drop a stitch or make a mistake there’s no one to help you get back on track.  I gave it some thought and decided that there must be other people doing the same so decided to start a Facebook group – Stitch & Bitch Fethiye.    The idea was to connect with other Stitchers and perhaps meet up.

I met a lovely group of ladies from all over the local area.  Their collective knowledge is incredible and I have learned so much from them.  We ended up meeting once a week during the winter and cotinued until it got too hot to stitch.  We are coming the end of our Summer recess and are looking forward to meeting again regularly.

I decided that we should explore Turkey – there are cities famous for the things they can offer a stitcher.   The two that sprung to mind immediately are Denizli and Bursa.  I’m sure there are others and if readers have any suggestions I would love to hear them.   Anyway Denizli is famous for it’s textiles and rumour had it that there was a massive wool centre.  If you are not a stitcher you will be reading this and thinking “so what?” but to an avid stitcher just the mention of a new source of wool will get us very over excited.

So last Thursday I left the house at 6.45am – and headed off to collect the Bitches from their arranged collection points.  We were all aboard and on the road by 7.45am – we decided as our last pick up was in Uzumlu that we would take the mountain road – scenic is a good description – we could have done without the road works and if you are afraid of heights this is not the route I would recommend.

We stopped after a couple of hours for a lovely Turkish Breakfast and then continued to Denizli.  Out first stop once we arrived was the big Textile market – Babadaglilar Carsi – several floors of textiles and much cheaper than we can get in Fethiye – my shopping trolley was soon brimming with purchases.  We then headed a few 100 metres to the Wool Centre – I can honestly say I have never seen so much wool in one place – their selection was incredible and the prices of needles and trims again a fraction of what we pay in Fethiye.   Once I got over the initial shock I was able to choose a sackful in assorted colours.

After we had visited for what I consider to be the two main attractions we stopped for a quick bite to eat  – a rather nice lamb tandor with lovely fresh bread and salad……fortified we headed off to find our bus driver ready for our next adventure.  First stop Sumer Park Mall where we had heard there was a C & A and a Deichmann shoes and second stop the Forum Shopping Centre – where they had a Boyner, Mudo, a Watsons (Superdrug) and some great coffee shops.   I don’t think anyone left C & A empty handed and the same for Watsons.  Well worth the stops to pick up those little bits that you just can’t get where we live.

We headed on home with a stop for something to eat at a motel on the road – great soup. I think they were a bit surprised to get a group of 11 turning up for a late dinner on a Thursday night.  The service was a bit slow but the toilets were lovely and clean and it was reasonably priced.  Most people slept for some of the 4 hour journey home – our last drop off was 2am so a very long day but all agreed it was well worth it.


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