Husbands, Broken Bones and Old Wives Tales

Some of you may know that my much loved husband fell off a roof about 10 weeks ago and broke his heel.  luckily it was a clean break and he didn’t shatter it.  He got off quite lightly really and apart from quite a lot of cuts and bruises he was relatively unscathed.

Turkish hospitals………. some are good some are bad………………he was taken to the State Hospital when he fell – and rang me from there to tell me he’d fallen off a roof, thought he had broken both his legs and could I come.   Let’s just say my little scooter was shaking all the way there………. I can’t remember the last time I was that scared.  So arrived in casualty……no porters you are expected to wheel your injured love one on a trolley wherever the Dr asks you too.  The room there they put a temporary dressing on his foot was full of people writhing and moaning……..not a closed curtain in the place.   My husband is under very strict instructions to take me to the Private Hospital if ever i have an accident.

They don’t give you crutches you have to go and buy them…luckily my husbands cousin and a friend were willing to come to the hospital they helped my husband to the toilet and carried him to the car when it was time to go home.   Luckily or unluckily our neighbour had just recovered from a broken leg and was prepared to donate her crutches to the cause.

The hospital gave pain killers…useful and antibiotics…..because they do for everything!    We were at the hospital for 8 hours……we finally got home and the visitors started coming – each with their own idea about what would be the best thing to help bones heal.     I wanted to get some comfrey (aka bone knit) but couldn’t find any.  Lots of websites saying that it was widely used to help healing in the Anatolia region but no idea where to get it – a friend was in the UK so I got her to bring me some in tablet form.

So there we were – home.   Me and a one legged husband who within 24 hours was in plaster and told not to put any weight on it at all.  He doesn’t do much around the house but he now had a great excuse not to do anything.   Cue the assisted showers…………..and my desire after a couple of weeks to change my name.

Apparently bones are good for bones – so we had some donations of frozen marrow bones – now I would have cooked them and given them to the local dogs but I had to make these into a nourishing bone broth to aid healing…. lets just say he ate it I didn’t.   Also sheep’s head soup is very good for bones – one of our local cafes on hearing of his mishap promptly made some on the Saturday night (I don’t think I thanked them properly) ………….. again he ate it I didn’t just the sight of it is enough to put you off food for life.

Now what you won’t know folks is that my husbands Grandfather was a legend in his town – he was a very good bone man….not qualified but if anyone broke a bone they would go to him to have it realigned and for treatment.   The hospital removed the plaster after 4 weeks….crazy but it was very hot and itched and my husband was glad to see the back of it.   My mother in law recommended a bread poultice……….  so imagine fresh dough wrapped around a foot like a foot pie, then add a layer of newspaper and a bandage and head for bed.     Yes really!

He’s improving daily he’s down to one crutch – I made him buy some decent trainers to wear that won’t be too tight if his foot swells and he is starting to limp on it a bit.     He has now decided that a daily foot massage will help – and of course he can’t manage it himself…………….we are now 10 weeks down the line…I love him I really do but it is getting a bit wearing……. and I feel mean for getting impatient but this is man who will decide he wants something from the other room, I fetch it, sit down and he decides he wants something else from the same place……why can’t he tell me all at the same time?

My one small act of rebellion is to use a very aromatic rose body lotion when I massage his foot……….  I’m counting the days until he is fully recovered.

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