Golden Syrup

A friend was complaining today about  how hard it is to get Golden Syrup here and how expensive it is when you can get it.   Thought I’d pass on this simple recipe for making your own – works well and is great for cooking with.

200g sugar
50g water

1 kg sugar
600g boiling water
1 or 2 sliced lemons to taste – experiment a bit until you get it how you like it.

1. Pour 200g sugar and 50g water into a large saucepan. On medium heat, twirl the pot around and caramelise the sugar until a dark golden colour.  Don’t let it go black.

2. Add the boiling water, the kilo sugar and lemon slices.

3. On a very low heat boil for 45 minutes until thick – stir it ocassionally if you want to but there is no need (I am always convinced it will stick if I don’t)  Do not be tempted to boil it for longer – when I say 45 minutes that’s what I mean – if you leave it for an hour it will look ok when you but it in jars but tomorrow it will be like concrete.   You want syrup not lumps.

4. Cool and pour into sterilised jars.    Store in a cool place.  You can use it straight away.    It keeps for ages but if this is too much you can always experiment with a half batch.  Just halve all the ingredients and follow the recipe.


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