At last………one of the happiest days of my life.

Well for regular readers you will know that since the early days of this blog I have been contemplating whether I need a cleaner or not.

My lovely husband fell off a rood 6 weeks ago and broke his heel.  He never did much but he did pay the bills, do the shopping and make the occasional pot of cay (Turkish Tea).  For the first couple of weeks I coped well with the extra things to do but then managed to damage the tendons in my left arm.  Much as I feel sorry for my husband I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself too……it really hurts.

Anyway I finally decided last week that I cannot live another moment without some help.  Even when we are well we are always busy and housework gets in the way of other things I like to do.  So I have done it I have found a cleaner – she is going to come for a couple of hours twice a week and on the days I have to work late she is going to do some cooking too.

Ayse will be my regular lady but cannot start until after Bayram – so her daughter Zoe is going to clean for me until then.  They don’t speak English so I am going to have to master a few new words or cleaning vocanulary but it’s s small price to pay for a lovely clean house.

Think of me at 4pm today – I am going to be so excited – it’s on a par with first date nerves.  Will she like me.  Will she go home and tell her family about the strange foreign woman who can’t clean her own house?  i hope we get on well – but whatever she thinks I don’t care as long as she cleans.

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