Phew it’s hot!

Now that sounds like I’m stating the obvious – but it is exceptionally hot for the first week in July – I don’t remember been this hot at the same time last year.  Now all of you sitting in colder climates especially the UK are probably thinking –  what’s she moaning about we’d kill for some sun?   But the reality is as a holiday maker for 2 weeks on the beach all day and sipping long cold drinks in local bars at night is nothing like living in it.

Housework either has to be done late at night, early in the morning or not at all.  This week I’ve opted for not at all – I’m not sleeping as it’s too hot, my husband is ill and needs quite a bit of looking after and I just can’t get up early enough to tackle it.     I’m trying really hard to drink 3 litres of water a day but I’m still waking up with a headache so suspect I probably need more.  It’s a bit like chain smoking I finish one glass and start the next straight away.

The average temperature in the house is 30 degrees day and night.  My cat is complaining constantly – I have a Van Cat (more about that in a later post) – Vans are known as the swimming cats as they love to take a dip in the water.  I don’t have a pool so mine sits and cries outside the shower cubicle begging to be allowed in – he now has his own towel and loves to share his morning shower with whoever is using it at the time.

Usually it’s just the last 2 weeks in August that are too hot but this year I could quite happily sleep in a bath of cold water and there is no such thing as too many showers a day. It’s about another 8 weeks before we start to feel some cooler temperatures but for now it gets hotter every day. I had a thermometer on the balcony to measure the temperatures outside – sadly it exploded last week so I’m assuming it hit 50 in the sun at some point.  You’d think they would do extra long ones with higher temperatures on for hot climates.

Much as I’m struggling with the heat I wouldn’t want to swap my life now for life in the UK – I look at the pictures in the newspapers and on the news and feel so sorry for everyone who has had their lives destroyed by the weather – it must be heartbreaking to lose everything you value to rising flood water.  Yes I know we have earthquakes but they are over quickly in the UK the rain seems to keep on falling.

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