False Economy

Well…… Some of you will know that I am in the UK for a few days to attend the wedding of some close friends.

I managed to get a really beautiful shalwar kameeze to wear at a bargain price. I’ve had to pay for flight and  a hire car so didn’t want to go crazy on my clothes – especially as I rarely get very dressed up and know that the outfit is not going to get much wear. In fact sods law was invited to 2 weddings this weekend one in Turkey and one in Cardiff. The Cardiff one was booked first so here I am.

So the mission to find shoes and a bag commenced……I’ve trawled markets, shops and every inch of Fethiye…nothing! I’ve looked on line and eventually resorted to eBay. I found a lovely looking pair of flip flops for £5 including delivery…….cream or bronze….a tough choice and still no bag. My lovely husband suggested I buy both and make up my mind later. A couple of clicks later and they were winging their way to my daughters front door.

They are truly hideous…….! Quite pretty but so cheap looking………and not comfortable. The bit that goes between your toes has sharp edges…..and they are really plastic looking. Soooooo disappointed. Decided I would wear the cream and gold….and hope no one looks too closely at my feet. As my husband didn’t get a visa my daughter is my date for the day…….she’s a fox and I’m sure people will be watching her not looking at my horrid shoes.

Then today I had a trip into Cardiff to find a handbag. I picked a fabulous neutral shade envelope clutch up in Primark….even big enough for my much loved IPad. As I was strolling back to the car I spotted an Accessorize……….I couldn’t help myself the temptation was too much……..less than 5 minutes later I was the owner of the flip flops of my dreams……gold with diamonds…….not dissimilar to a pair I have at home but these were £25.

Lesson learned……..next time I will go for something more expensive and buy a brand I know. I guess my original purchase might be ok for the beach….but what a waste of £10!

Anyway…….at last I am happy with my whole outfit…..this time tomorrow I’ll be at the reception looking a million dollars.

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